Agis was born from the dream of two partners and friends, who were active in the representation of medical products market. In 2002, they saw a great opportunity to develop an undertaking in that business area, thus creating Agis Medical, a company of distribution of medical products to be in operation in Minas Gerais state.

“In the beginning it was Fabio and I. It took us a few months to hire our first employee, who, by the way, is with us to this day.” – Danilo Ribeiro de Carvalho

As they had been only active in the commercial scenario, all legal aspects of opening and running a business, were new to them. Taxes, tax laws, obligations and permits, labor and union relations and even talking to an accountant were hard things, at first.

Papyrus met the two partners and presented them, at the integration meeting, with all details on how they could enter into a partnership.

The first action was structuring the social contract, checking the legal aspects involving such a complex activity as hospital-related area is, such as ANVISA, Sanitary and Location Permit.

I have full trust on Papyrus’s advice. We could act with total tranquility based on all guidance they gave us. Danilo Ribeiro de Carvalho

Analyzing the appropriate tax framework for Agis’s activity of Agis was a great differential. Making mistakes on that point would have meant declaring the company insolvent, right away.

Papyrus continually makes a monthly visit for technical validation of balance sheets, emission of clearance certificates at the financing agencies on federal, state and municipal levels.

Tax planning is yearly assessed and revised, and kept up-to-date with the legislation and the market.

We are very pleased with Papyrus’s partnership. We have understood that being close to them, is a decisive factor in our business strategy. We won’t let go of keep Papyrus with us” – Danilo Ribeiro de Carvalho


The Colégio Ouro Preto was founded on 15.06.1993, being born a family company. Three sisters decided to undertake and braved education field as an opportunity. At the beginning, the school only provided early childhood education, providing only nursery and pre-school. Some time later, elementary school was implemented; nowadays the school also has high school, at a branch opened in early 2015.

In the beginning, my sisters and I counted with only two employees, our structure was very simple and the functions were sharedSimone Santos de Roma

In June 2001, in the process of growth, labor and tax issues began to emerge; then Papyrus took over the provision of accounting services to the company, by appointment of Mr. Roma.

Ever since the first contact, Papyrus proved to be very present and respondable to the school’s needs, always being available for meetings and advisory consultations.

The first action employed by Papyrus was providing tax study and regularization of tax pendencies, so that company could be registered in Simples, Federal system.

I trust Papyrus’s professionals. Whenever I need to take any decision that may bring some tax impact or generate some labor liability, I ask Papyrus for consultancy”. Simone Santos de Roma

Papyrus’s participation in all of the school expansion processes, including participation the decision on how to open a branch, was great differential.

Today the school counts with 46 employees, and we have the peace of mind of knowing we are very well advised”.  Simone Santos de Roma


Neomerkato reached Papyrus, because they sought a partner that, besides issuing payment vouchers and helping with advisory obligations, could deliver cohese information to allow for quickly decision-making.

We sought a partner who could understand the details of our business, because only then there would be synergy for a successful partnership”.

After we made up our mind for Papyrus, pendency checks were held at public organs, a tax planning was produced and a meeting of integration was held. In the latter, the integration of all employees responsible for the company was done.

The integration meeting is an action that distinguishes Papyrus from other accounting companies I’d hired. In this meeting, I managed to pass my expectation on by looking in the eye of each employee who would take care of Neomerkato”.

The first goal in planning was demystifying Taxable Profit, for there are difficulties in this complex system, but also good opportunities. We created a tax studies group, in order to level the relevant understanding.

When it comes to e-commerce, we have some business peculiarities that must be treated very carefully. Papyrus has extremely competent, full-time staff, what makes our daily communication easier”.

“Neomerkato is a company that declares 100% of its revenues, so taxes are a constant challenge for us”.

Papyrus continually makes a monthly visit for technical validation of balance sheets, emission of clearance certificates at the financing agencies on federal, state and municipal levels.

“We are pleased by the work done by Papyrus, for having such a close partner has allowed us better decision-making and personalized service, I leave here my ‘thank you very much’ to all in this organization”.

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