Since April 2016, Papyrus began issuing digital certificates to customers, partners and the general public.

Papyrus counts with issuance service in its unit or at the customer’s location.

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What is it?

The digital certificate is an electronic document with legal validity that makes it possible to prove the identity of a person or a company, allowing them to identify themselves and digitally sign safely from anywhere in the world.


It provides legal validity to legal, tax and financial nature electronic actions. Bearing in mind it is the ICP-Brazil certificate it also allows for safe identification and authentication in the digital world.

By using it, it’s possible to sign contracts, declarations, access the services of the IRS, use the e-CAC, SPED, SISREL, e-DOC, e-PET, CertJUS, PROUNI, ECD, eCNHsp – DETRAN, ICP Social Connectivity, among other public and private uses.

Price and Convenience

We work with differentiated prices, besides the convenience of servicing you wherever you are. Contact us today.