Papyrus Accounting provides internal and external audit services, limited review and internal controls review. Internal audit work, directed to small and medium companies, contributes to the decrease of operational processes and costs, reducing potential labor and tax risks.

The work of the auditor is identifying internal issues of a company, which can directly interfere in financial statements and business continuity. The auditor is able to detect issues such as measurement of inventories, tax calculation, labor calculations, financial routines and issues in all the processes that are continuous in a company. Failures in the implementation are appointed during work and suggestions for correction are made. At the end of the work a report is issued with the auditor’s views on the company and its reflexes in the financial statements.

In addition to auditing work for small and medium companies, Papyrus also provides auditing services for residential and commercial condominiums. Audit for condominiums is focused on checks and balances transparency, which the assignee must make known annually to apartment owners.

Auditing for condominiums brings greater security to apartment owners regarding the actions and procedures taken by the assignee during his tenure.

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