Responsible for producing the company’s financial statements. The statements are printed and recorded, at the end of each year, along with the Daily Book, which contains all the movement of the company in the period.

  • Bookkeeping for Diary Books and Analytical and Synthetic Ledger;
  • Delivery of Accounting SPED;
  • Issuing monthly balance sheets;
  • Issuing the Annual Balance Sheet up to 31st January of the following year;
  • Delivery of DIPJ (Estimated Profit and Taxable Profit);
  • Consulting in accounting;
  • Issuance of managerial reports;
  • Delivery of Federal ancillary obligations – DCTF, DACON;
  • Delivery of Municipal ancillary obligation – ISS;
  • Compliance with other requirements of the relevant legislation.




Responsible for the calculation of taxes and issuance of the respective payment vouchers. Living in a complex tax system with constant changes in legislation, the tax department monitors changes daily.

  • Maintenance RUDFTO book;
  • Delivery of Municipal ancillary obligation – the monthly DES;
  • Verification and issuance of payment vouchers for federal taxes, IPI, PIS, COFINS, CSLL, IRPJ, DAS, among others;
  • Verification and issuance of payment vouchers for State taxes, ICMS and others;
  • Verification and issuance of payment vouchers for Municipal taxes, ISS and others;
  • Provides authorizations for invoices when necessary;
  • Follow up and maintenance of documentation that should be in the company, available for tax authorities;
  • Customer care support, when needed, for everyday clarification.



Responsible for producing payroll, hiring, terminations and emission of management fees. We have a qualified team who study every collective convention and collective agreements.

  • Hiring procedures for new employees;
  • Preparation and issuance of payroll and salary receipt for monthly payment;
  • Employee registration in the PIS;
  • Preparation and delivery of CAGED;
  • Monthly issuance of GPS and GFIP payment vouchers;
  • Issuance of Union contribution payment vouchers;
  • Preparation and issuance of Terms of Contract Termination of employees;
  • Delivery of annual RAIS;
  • Consulting on labor law and social security law;
  • Delivery of annual DIRF.



Responsible for internally auditing office and delivering ancillary Federal, State and Municipal obligations.

  • Delivery of Fiscal SPED;
  • Delivery of SPED, PIS and COFINS;
  • Delivery of DAPI;
  • Delivery of SINTEGRA;
  • Delivery of DAMEF/VAF;
  • Internal Audit;
  • Delivery of other ancillary obligations.


Legalization (Regularization)

Responsible for conducting processes from the birth of the company until its closure, also performing management of maturities of Debt Clearance Certificates.

  • Corporate establishment in several corporate segments;
  • Contract amendments;
  • Company terminations;
  • Control and issuance clearance certificates;
  • Control and issuance of Permits for location and operation and toilets;
  • Banking Registry.

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